Frequently Asked Questions

How can I shop from Ilmio?

Shopping on our site is very easy and safe. You can add the products you like using the "Add to My Cart" button, you can list and purchase the products you have added via the "My Cart" button.

To get the products in your cart, you can start your purchase by clicking the "Proceed to Payment" button. After entering the delivery address and billing information on the page that opens, you must enter the information requested from you on the following pages, accurately and completely. Finally, after you approve the payment, your purchase will be completed.


What is my cart?

It is a personalized area where the products you want to buy are found in bulk after logging into our online store. You can remove the products in your cart from your cart or add new products to your cart.

The products in your cart are stored for a short time, deleted from your cart at the expiry of the time, and opened for purchase by other members.


How do I track my orders?

You can track your orders through the relevant order number on the "My Orders" page. You can also list your past shopping and view your current shopping status.


Can I add products to the order I created?

The orders you place on reach us online and your payment transactions are made automatically during the order creation phase. Since the payment terms cannot be changed, it will not be possible to add products to your order later. You can create a new order by simply canceling your current order, or you can order the other product you want to buy separately.


I gave up after confirming my order, how can I cancel it?

In order to cancel your order, your product must not have been delivered to the cargo. Otherwise, you will have to follow the return procedures. You can use the 'Cancel' button in the My Orders section for the cancellation of the products that have not been delivered to the cargo, or you can call our customer service representative on 0312 472 34 34 and submit your cancellation request....


When can I remove the protective alarm on the product after receiving my order?


You can remove the protective alarm after you receive your order and are sure that you will try the product and not return it. We would like to remind you that once the protective alarm has been removed, you will not be able to return it.


How can I remove the protective alarm without damaging the product?


Please watch the video to remove the protective alarm in the easiest way.


Will I pay any fees at the time of delivery?


You will not make an extra payment during the delivery of your order, as the shipping fee will not be reflected on your orders of 1500 TL or more in accordance with the Ilmio price policy.



How much is the Shipping Fee? Do you have Free Shipping option?


In order to provide the best service to our members, you will not pay a shipping fee for your orders of 1500 TL or more.





To whom will my order be delivered if I am not at the delivery address?


If you are not present at the specified address on the day your order will be delivered, your delivery will be made to a relative at the address.

In cases where you cannot be reached in any way, the cargo officer will leave a notice at your address. You can receive your order from the relevant branch within 3 days with this news sheet.

At the same time, we recommend that you contact the branch where your cargo is located, as the delivery procedures of the cargo companies may vary.

If you exceed the delivery time, your product will be sent back to our warehouse address by the courier company.


When will the product I order be shipped, and how long does it take to receive it?


As İlmio family, we work with UPS Cargo in order to offer you the best cargo service. Your orders from our online store will be delivered to you as quickly as possible with the assurance of UPS Cargo.

In order to deliver the products you have ordered to you as soon as possible, we keep all of the products we sell through our internet store in the warehouse of and deliver your order to the cargo company within 1-5 working days. Thus, there will be no extra time loss for the supply of your orders, and your order will be shipped to your address within 1-5 working days.


The product(s) in my order came wrong, what should I do?


If the product you ordered and the product sent to you are not the same, you can call our customer service number 0312 472 34 34 for any problems you experience with your product. After meeting with our customer service representative, you can send your product back to our address without paying any shipping fee with the cargo post code given to you. In order for your request to be processed, we ask that you do not exceed your 7-day legal return period.


Our return period is 7 days.


Should I receive damaged and suspicious packages?


When you receive your order, if you detect any deterioration or suspicious situation in the shipment package, please do not take delivery of the cargo. Ask the cargo officer to keep a report and contact our customer service representative as soon as possible. If you sign and accept a package that you think is problematic, the possibility of detecting damage or loss during transportation is eliminated. In this case, the cargo company cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during the transportation of your cargo. The cargo delivery receipt is the document that shows that your order has arrived undamaged and completely, and that it has been approved by you. If you have the slightest doubt about your cargo, please ask the officer to keep a report.

Can I make a change?

We do not have an exchange application for online shopping.


You can send the products you have purchased to us for return and re-order.


What are your return conditions?

In order for your return to be processed, the products must be unused, their tags and protective alarms must not be removed, no modifications have been made and their re-saleability feature must not be lost. Otherwise, your return request will not be accepted and the cargo service fee will not be refunded.


The products must be sent with the E-Archive invoice sent with your order and the relevant fields on the invoice must be filled.


Our return period is 7 days. In cases beyond this period, your refund requests will not be processed.

We do not have an exchange application for the products you purchase. You can return the product you have purchased and re-order the product you want.


What are the product return stages?

Returns are carried out in two ways;


As the first option, you can create a return code by clicking the Return button in the My Orders section of After placing the product you want to return and the E-archive invoice in the package, you can write the return code you received on the top of the box and send it free of charge with our contracted UPS Cargo and Yurtiçi Cargo.


You can send your returned products with UPS Cargo and Yurtiçi Cargo. If you want to send with different cargo companies, the shipping fee must be covered by you.

Following the receipt of your returned product, if an error caused by use is not detected after the investigations by our authorities, the product price will be refunded to your account or card.



*Ilmio will not accept returns on products that are not informed within 7 days of receipt or whose saleability is impaired.


What is the return period for products purchased from your online store?

You can return the products you purchased from our online store within seven (7) days from the delivery date in accordance with the Distance Sales Agreement. In cases beyond this period, your refund requests will not be processed.


If you want to return the product due to any manufacturing defect, the return period is 30 days.

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